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The Birth of an Automotive Brand, OMODA

Published: 6/15/2023
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I believe when you first hear about Omoda, you will be curious about what it is. As a word that has never been heard of or seen before, is it an invention of a scientist, or a sudden inspiration of a writer? No, it's an automotive brand from the future!

"O" refers to the word "Oxygen" through its initial letter. It is well known that oxygen, a necessary substance for survival, is to humans what fish is to water. "Moda" is the abbreviation for "Modern", which combines the characteristics of modernity, youth, fashion and technology. Therefore, Omoda vehicles are born for technology, fashion, and youth. It is a necessity for contemporary young people, and regards Cross Future as her slogan.

Nowadays, young people are becoming the main force of consumption, leading the trend of the times. They love freedom, pursue themselves, have the courage to explore, and break through traditions. The Omoda automotive brand is an exclusive model designed for young people around the world, with a fashionable and technological appearance that caters to their aesthetic preferences. Not only that, Omoda is also a way of life and attitude, creating a diverse platform for young people, where they can explore infinite possibilities. O-OMODA is also committed to "user co-creation", launching various user ecological co-creation fields such as O-Tech, O-Universe, O-Fashion, and O-Lab. In Omoda's ecosystem, young people are not only consumers, but also co-creators. Their world views, values, and lifestyles have become important guidelines for the development of the OMODA brand.

In the Middle East, Omoda has gained good reputation in Kuwait and Qatar, while in South America, Omoda is widely popular in Mexico and Chile. In Europe, Omoda is also about to lead the trend. So, are young people in Iraq ready to welcome Omoda's arrival?